You people say this GATE, ESE, ISRO, DRDO, BSNL etc. Exams are very2 tough.

But what SRIE says: they are not tough but conceptual.

If you have concept then you just crack it or not.

It’s vey simple.

There is no difference between PSUs, Govt Sector or Entrance Exams (as such GATE, IES, BSNL, PSC, BHEL, NTPC, JEE-LET etc.). Because, whatever Exam you appear the core subjects will be same for all Exams. So, one should have basic knowledge on the subjects for ultimate success and there is no short cut to success.

Therefore, SRIE focuses on subjects and makes sure that the students know their subject well.

That’s why SRIE achieves high rate of success.

Now a day’s students are more interested on online Video lecture & MOCK Test only.

Video lecture : Student going through Video lecture because he/she got doubt on the subject. Can the student interact & clear their doubts in this format? If not then it is simply a Gimmick.

MOCK Test : The MOCK Test been marketed among students as most beneficial. Maximum you will find the tests are also not that standard. Yes, MOCK Tests are made for time management and it is beneficial for Knowledgeable students. But for those students who do not have enough confidence on their subject then, it is simply a Gimmick.

Therefore, the students should know/Learn their subjects first then opt for MODULE or UNIT Test and lastly the MOCK Test.                                         

SRIE, Provides :

Step1: Teaching Subjects,

Step2: Previous Paper (Topic wise) Solve,

Step3: Previous Paper (Year wise) Solve,

Step4: Practice Test (Topic wise),

Step5: Math Tests (Topic wise),

Step6: Aptitude Tests (Topic wise),

Step7: MOCK Tests (with AIR)

It is seen that some single person coaching for the total course subjects (GATE, PSC, RAIL, BSNL, JEE-LET etc.). It is to be justified by the Students/Guardians community. Mind it, this is not at all possible. Even very experienced Professors cannot take up total syllabus of any Engineering Stream (i.e. ECE, EIE, CSE, Mechanical, Civil, JEE-LET etc.). This experienced /eminent Professors are always specialized on particular one or two subjects in a Stream. So, it is not at all possible a person to tackle whole syllabus of any Engineering course.

Single person coaching may save some money, traveling but ultimately a year lose. 

Therefore, SRIE has specialized Professors/Experts for each subject in every Engineering Stream.

First of all such Technical Institute’s cannot have branches. Because the Professor will be at Head office, they will not be available in other Branches/Places  (as such Durgapur, Bardhawan, Hydrabad or Delhi etc.). So, the student of other Branches/Places will be simply deprived.

Therefore, SRIE has only one center for the last 15 years in West Bengal i.e. at Ganguly Bagan, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700047.

1. An Educational Institute it means "EDUCATION" only.

2. Any Course that SRIE declare, it mentioned with specific "Course Commencement Date."

3. SRIE is since 2003. (It means SRIE is the first Technical Competitive Exams Institute in West Bengal).

4. SRIE is the First & Only Institute to provide, Highest level Technical Exams Coaching in West Bengal (i.e. Engineering Service)

Every day Office is open from 11am to 6pm / Monday Closed

Yes, SRIE coaches for GATE, IES, DRDO, ISRO, BSNL, NTPC, BHEL, BEL, PSU, PSU (Non-GATE) etc.

N.B. for detail contact SRIE.

For B.E./B.Tech: SRIE, provides all Technical Competitive Exams coaching : GATE, IES, DRDO, ISRO etc., PSU, PSU (Non-GATE) (BSNL, NTPC, BHEL etc.)

Mode of Coaching : 1. Grooming Course (IRP : 24 Months)

                                 2. Crash Course (CC : 06 Months)

For Diploma Engineers: General Combined (All technical and govt. service exams), JEE-LAT

Mode of Coaching : 1. Grooming Course (GC : 06 Months)

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